SHIFT Cover Reveal

After the four amazing covers for my Blessed of the Dragon series, deciding to continue working with JCalebDesign for my upcoming Fletcher Wise novel, Shift, was a no-brainer. He does great work and is always able to capture the exact scene I wanted to depict.

Jake specializes in Fantasy and Science Fiction covers, which meant I threw him a bit of a curve ball when I described to him what I wanted for Shift. I’m calling Shift an urban fantasy mystery novel. I wanted more of a mystery feel to the cover but didn’t want straight mystery because that would leave out the fantasy spin on the story. I also didn’t really want a typical fantasy cover. I wanted a mystery feel with just a hint of fantasy. And that’s exactly what Jake delivered.


I’d like to do two things:

The obvious is to show you the cover to Shift

But I’d also like to briefly introduce you to Fletcher.

So, first… meet Fletcher.

Fletcher Wise is a detective at the Prescott Police Department. He’s just an ordinary guy with a last name the other officer’s use to incessantly mess with him. It’s all in good fun, but then when you-know-what hits the fan, they all turn to him for guidance–as if having the last name of “Wise” somehow makes him smarter or better at solving crimes. It doesn’t. Truth is, he’s just another guy who thought he had his life put together but in fact did not. So, after a particularly bad day in his personal life, he just wanted to bug out of the station a little early (was that really too much to ask?) and go to his favorite pub for a drink. The last thing he wanted was to stay late and investigate a murder. And he certainly wasn’t interested in interrogating a suspect who was spinning the yarn of all yarns.

Now that brief introductions are out of the way shall we get to the reason you probably came here?

Here it is!

The cover to my upcoming novel, Shift!

Presently, I’m planning to publish it in late May or early June-ish. So stand by for another announcement once I have the date nailed down. Until then, check out my Books tab for information on the other books I’ve written. The entire Blessed of the Dragon series is available on Amazon in print as well as e-book formats. It’s also available to order from your favorite bookstore, including your favorite local indie bookstore!

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1 Response to SHIFT Cover Reveal

  1. Adriel Wulf says:

    I cannot wait for this title to come out! Such a great adventure, and spooky as hell! Very excited!


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