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Cover Reveal!

Many thanks to Jake over at Jcalebdesign for the absolutely amazing cover he created for The Path of the Synthesizer! Ever since I first came across his work I knew that if I eventually decided to self-publish my writing that … Continue reading

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Igniting the Flame

A while back I happened across a contest for a 101-word microstory. Unfortunately, I didn’t happen across it until the contest was already over. I wrote the story anyways. The following is Igniting the Flame, a 101-word story set in Dradonia, … Continue reading

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Sneak Peek # 1

BEFORE 389 United Era Drenan did not see the Overseer approaching until he was nearly upon him. The black armor the Overseer wore, which matched his own, veiled his presence on the moonless night. “Everyone’s in place,” the Overseer said. … Continue reading

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