The Path of the Synthesizer (The Blessed of the Dragon, Book One)

The Path of the Synthesizer eCover

Yolken Thornhill has a gift. His ability to craft unique ales has made him locally famous. But when tragedy strikes the small town of Lonely Oak, he uses another gift—a forbidden gift—and attracts deadly attention.

The Drake family rules over all of Dradonia. They are known as the Blessed of the Dragon, worshipped by many and respected by all. When they visit Lonely Oak, the locals celebrate with an impromptu festival.

When news of the festival reaches Yolken, he seizes the rare opportunity to bring high-profile attention to his ales. At first, the celebration is a big success. But in one terrible moment, a loved one ends up dead, and the Blessed take his brother Javen prisoner.

As truth unravels around Yolken, he finds himself in the middle of a centuries-long struggle for power and justice. He must rely on the help of a small rebel group that common folks fear to name aloud. As he learns to control his new gift, he is anxious to free Javen before their family’s connection to the rebels gets Javen killed. But unbeknownst to Yolken, the Blessed’s plan for Javen is not a simple rebel’s death, but something much more sinister.

When the Blessed finally catch up to Yolken, he must choose an impossible path: a path that could cost him his life. The path of the Synthesizer.

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The Island of Kvorga (The Blessed of the Dragon, Book Two)

Island of Kvorga eCoverWhen a dragon hunts its prey, it descends quietly from on high; whether night or day, it rains fire from the sky

Yolken grew up listening with rapt attention to fantastical stories about the Island of Kvorga. It’s an island enshrouded in mystery and inhabited by plants and animals that defy the laws of nature. Few ever visit the island, and even fewer live to tell about it. Even the Blessed avoid it unless absolutely necessary.

Never in his life did Yolken imagine visiting the Island of Kvorga. But when he learns that the only person capable of freeing Javen from the Blessed’s deadly clutches might live there, he knows he must go. With Jax, Deborah, and Kaylan by his side, he travels to the island and risks its many mysteries. But what Yolken finds on Kvorga is the last thing he expected. And what he learns will forever alter his path.

Javen, meanwhile, is finally out from under Yolken’s shadow and is enjoying the attention showered upon him in Onta, the pearl of the empire. But all too quickly he learns that with his newfound status in the Regency comes the onus of responsibility. And before he has a chance to acclimate to his new role, that responsibility will pit Javen’s loyalties to the Regency against the bonds of family.

Join Yolken and Javen in The Island of Kvorga, book two of The Blessed of the Dragon, as they navigate different yet intertwining paths.

Available 4/21/2020


The Dragon King (The Blessed of the Dragon, Book Three)

coming September 2020

title yet finalized (The Blessed of the Dragon, Book Four)

coming December 2020

Shift (A Fletcher Wise Novel)

coming in 2021