When I first started reading The Wheel of Time fantasy series back in high school there were five books in the series. Every time a new book was released I felt compelled to re-read all the previous books to refresh myself on the story so I would know what was going on. I eventually had to quit doing that because the series became so large it was impractical for me to read six, then seven, then eight, then nine, then ten, then eleven, then twelve, and finally thirteen books in preparation for the new release. And when a certain author finally releases the next book in his series made wildly popular by a certain HBO series I know for certain I will have to re-read the previous books because I have no clue what happened in the last one. I’ve simply forgotten most of what’s happened or where the last book left off.

The point I’m trying to make is that after a substantial break it’s time for me to return to Dradonia (that’s where The Path of the Synthesizer takes place). Having decided to self-publish my novels I am compelled to go back to the beginning for some refreshment. On the surface, the very thought of having to refresh myself on a novel that I authored seems a little silly but my memory really isn’t all that great. That and since the last time I visited The Path of the Synthesizer I’ve written revisions for book two and three in the series, wrote the first draft of book 4 (the ending which, IMHO, is pretty great), wrote drafts two and three of my detective novel, got a new job and crammed my head with a bunch of new job stuff, read a book or six, wrote a couple short stories, and who knows what else. The big picture stuff and highpoints of PotS are still in my head bouncing around but I am 100% certain there are details that I’ve forgotten.

So, while PotS is off for editing, I’m going to take the opportunity to read it anew. When the time comes for me to begin sifting through the editor’s notes and comments I want the details to be fresh in my mind.

I’m kind of excited. The most recent details of the story in my head are of the ending, of guiding my characters, or rather, letting them guide me, to their respective conclusions. Now, I go back to the town of Lonely Oak, to the Thornhill Tavern, where their stories begin.

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I'm an aspiring author trying to get my first book published.
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3 Responses to Refreshment

  1. Michele wagner says:

    I dislike when there are blatant or even subtle inconsistencies in a series. Movies/tv have people that are to make sure people, sets, etc. are exactly how it was when a break was taken but too often something is amiss. So, good for you! – rereading your story again. It can only have positive outcomes in my opinion.


    • Agreed. I remember a scene in the TV show Friends where Joey is holding several beverages in his hands. The camera panned off of him and when it came back he was holding completely different beverages. And just recently the Game of Thrones was widely ridiculed for fans seeing a Starbucks coffee cup in one episode and a bottle of water in another. It happens, though, even to the best. I’ve seen typos in books published by the big publishers with whole teams of editors. I’m by no means a professional but I’m going to do my best to provide a consistent, readable story. I hope…


  2. Anonymous says:

    Typos are one thing; consistency errors are another. Those latter can be tough for the author to spot. I can’t do it. Kudos for you for going back through your own work.


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